The rise of music sharing isn’t a social calamity involving general lawlessness; nor it is the dawn of a new age of[…]


[I]t is a relief to have some utterly banal sound pierce the darkness that we lie in, and to jar us out of[…]


Think Tank #2 Matt Hawkins, Rahsan Ekedal Top Cow Think Tank has a bold tag line – “Danger: Reading this book will make[…]

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  This website is not officially related to the conference. I know a couple of the people in charge of organization and I[…]


Pop Caps is an aggregate for the content posted and shared by the TiPC authors throughout the week. Venus the Amazing Chimera Cat […]


There is some negativity in deconstruction. I wouldn’t deny this. You have to criticise, to ask questions, to challenge and sometimes to oppose.[…]


Harbinger #3 Joshua Dysart, Khari Evans, Lewis Larosa, Ian Hannin Valiant Every Valiant series is worth reading. Period. Harbinger  is not only my[…]


ParaNorman is a surprisingly smart stop-motion film. In a brief and extremely enjoyable 1 hour and 36 minutes it manages to creatively encapsulate[…]


Hi. this is Tim. I’ve been trying to get myself to write regularly, and have gotten back into buying single comics. So, I[…]


Upon my life, the tracks have vanished, We’ve lost our way, what shall we do? It must be a demon’s leading us This[…]


We will all be presenting at this year’s PCA/ACA national conference this week in Boston. Check out our abstracts and show up if[…]


Works of art are their own standard of judgement. They themselves stipulate the rules they then follow. – Theodore Adorno (AT 243) [Before[…]


“The show was really for me. I wanted it so Showbiz Pizza Place could never be took away from me again, because it[…]